Director’s Message

Welcome to ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF INDIA. Today, Engineering and management field become unpredictable than ever before . Every unique person have to think creatively with extra sixth sense to stand up in this competitive environment .We ,at EMII, strive to equip leaders of tomorrow with the competence who have ability and character to address emerging global business and social challenges.

Continuesouly changes, intense competition, uncertain business cycles and difficult political scenario have made today’ s corporate environment very dynamic and unpredictable. This time world is getting more and more integrated and also globalized. To overcome increasingly challenges, leaders need to think creatively and do straight  forward sustain competitive advantages .Engineering and business today also energized continuously by powerful resources.

For you, it is my heartiest welcome in ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF INDIA to make your bright and successful future. Our training and program are designed by expert of every related field with having good knowledge of subject. They analyze complex corporate and professional environment and understand today’s need .So, without thinking any hurdle feel free to take opportunity to study in highly professional environment with satisfaction of relief.



                                                        Mr. Amit Saini                          Mrs. Mamta Saini
                                                                        Managing Director                                                       Director