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1.  Eligibility

2.  Procedure to apply

3.  Function & Responsibilities of the Student’s Chapter

4. Role and Responsibilities of the Institution

5. MOU

6. Code of Conduct

7. Privileges of the Student’s Chapter

8. Withdrawal of Membership


Any educational Institute/Coaching Center/College, body or organization involved in advancing the interests of Engineering is eligible to apply for Membership of EMII as Student’s Chapter.


1) Every application for membership shall be on prescribed application form which can be obtained from the office of the EMII (Annexure-A) or downloaded from the website of EMII (http://emii.edu.in/)
2) The application should be complete in all respects , accompanied by the necessary enclosures.
3) All applications so received are scrutinized to determine the eligibility of the applicant .
4) EMII Institution may arrange for inspection of the applicant Institute and consider the report of the inspection committee before granting the Membership.


The Member shall work in coordination with the Institution and shall perform the following functions.
(a) To publish the opportunities available to obtain Academic Membership(AMEMII/DMEMII-DIPEMII-TMEMII) from EMII Institution through print, audio video medium.
(b) To assist candidates to register Academic Membership, in time and to send the registration data (form, fee etc) to the Institution as directed.
(c) To arrange for PCP classes to facilitate the students to compete their course. The number of PCPs to be provided shall be as under.
i) Technician Membership Examination 25 Lectures per Session in each Subject
ii) Associate Membership Examination 25 Lectures per Session in each Subject
(d) It is mandatory to attend PCPs as the candidate will be allowed to sit for the examination if he obtains PCP attendance certificate from the Member, 80% attendance at the PCP is compulsory. The candidate will, however, have to deposit the total fee per paper irrespective of this attendance.
(e) The Faculty taking PCPs should be qualified and experienced and the Member will provide the list of Faculty for both the examination to the institution along with their qualifications & experience and the time table.
(f) Liaison with AICTE approved Engineering Colleges/Polytechnics for the conduct of Practical’s (as approved by the Institution) and submission of Project Report by the Candidates through the Principal/Head of the Dept. of AICTE approved Institute.
(g) The fee payable for the conduct of Practical’s at the AICTE approved Institute/College or for preparation of the project report shall be as laid down by the concerned Institute/College and the same shall be charged from the candidates registered with the Member.
(h) To develop a library containing the suggestive readings for various subjects as laid down in Syllabus and also to subscribe to the standard journal and periodicals in Engineering.
(i) To arrange Seminars, Conferences, Special Lectures and other academic competitions for the benefit of the registered candidates of the Institution.
(j) To act as Resource Institute/Information Center to provide relevant information about the programmes & policies of the Institution and its functioning to enable the masses to take advantage of the same.
(k) The Member will register only such number of candidates for the examinations as are fixed and approved by the Institution.
(l) The Candidates registered through the respective Member shall be required to appear for examination at the examination center as may be fixed by the Institution. Normally such center will be fixed in the Capital cities of States as for as possible.


1) The Institution will approve the registration of candidates approaching the member seeking Academic membership of EMII Institution i.e. Associate Membership of EMII and Technician/Diploma Membership of EMII within the dates notified by the Institution.
2) By virtue of the authority vested in the Institution by the MHRD, Government of India, the Institution will conduct the following Examinations twice a year i.e. in the month of June and December, unless otherwise notified.
3) It is compulsory for all candidates to undergo PCP, Practical Training and submit a Project Report to the Member through and AICTE approved Polytechnic/Institute/College before their certification by the Institution.
4) The Institution will make available the AICTE approved Syllabi for different courses to be followed by the Member.
5) The Institution will also supply the list of Practical’s for the different courses for getting the Practical’s done at AICTE approved Polytechnic/Institute/College .
6) The Institution shall into MOU with the AICTE approved Polytechnic/Institute/College where the Practical’s are to be held and the Project Report is to be submitted. The Member will intimate the names of such Institutions for entering into MOUs with them. It may, however, be noted that the number of candidates registered for the courses shall not exceed the list of persons who would under go Practical’s and submit the Project Report.


Each Student’s Chapter will enter into MOU with EMII in which the roles & responsibilities of the Student’s Chapter & the role of EMII Institution would be mentioned (Annexure-B)


Each Institute shall be liable to follow the code of conduct as laid down by EMII as per details given below.
1. The Institution expects that the member will, at all times promote and strengthen the engineering profession as enshrined in the objectives & mission of the Institution.
2. Member will not indulge in any act which may tarnish the dignity of his profession and the feelings of his fellow Members in his talks, actions, behavior ad works.
3. As a Member of the team will work in harmony with others and would share with others the credit of the team work.
4. A member will always maintain secrecy and confidentiality of the work so entrusted to him.
5. A Member will not receive any undue advantage of his position in the Institution.
6. A Member for any work done on behalf of the Institution will not receive any remuneration from any source without the approval of the authorities of the Institution.
7. A Member will devote himself for the development of the self, Society and the Nation within the framework of the aims, objectives and mission of the Institution.
8. A Member will be upright in all his dealings with person(s), organization, in business, contracts, and agencies and shall not take actions that lead to groups, political connotations or unethical conduct in the discharge of his official position.
9. A Member will express and opinion only when he is convinced and has gathered sufficient facts to do so.
10. A Member will not involve in any unauthorized communication of any official documents or information.
11. The Membership of EMII Institution can be with drawn for any act/s which is unbecoming of a Member of EMII Institution as determined and approved by the Institution.
12. The jurisdiction for any dispute between the Member &EMII Institution shall be the Courts of New Delhi (India) only.


1. Student’s Chapter will work as a local chapter of EMIIof facilitate the studies of the candidates.
2. Student’s Chapter will receive all Publications of EMII Institution.
3. Invitations to Seminars/ Symposia throughout India as arranged by EMII.
4. Render Technical advice as and when necessary.
5. Concessional rate as are offered to regular Members to participate in Seminar, Conference, Workshop etc.
6. The Student’s Chapter shall be given a number which shall be quoted in all correspondence/referece with the Institution. This number will be indicated on the Membership Certificate issued by the EMII to the Student’s Chapter.


1) Membership is not a right and must be continually earned but can be withdrawal on the happening of any of the following.
a) Failure to provide the services for which the fee has been realized from the candidates.
b) Over charging the candidates than what is prescribed by EMII or accepting extra money towards service charges.
c) Deterioration of the facilities or inability to work within the framework of MOU.
d) Submission of wrong or untrue documents/information .
2) Such member Institution shall be notified of the intention of EMII for withdrawal of membership & seek explanation. On non-receipt/satisfactory reply, EMII will withdraw the membership fort with.
3) Jurisdiction of cases, arising out of disputes in this regard will be subject to New Delhi Courts only.
4) The candidates registered with the member shall remain under the disciplinary control of the Head of the member and any violation therein shall be reported to the Chairman,EMII with whom authority for the discipline and disciplinary action vests.
5) This MOU so executed will remain valid in all normal circumstances for a period of five years but may be renewed after every five years (with modification whenever and wherever needed). The MOU may not be extended beyond five years if both the parties confirm the same in writing at least six months prior to its expiry.

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